About Us

We are a small consulting services company who specialise in helping organisations to find good solutions to complex real-world problems with data, information, information systems and the projects to design, implement, deliver and support those systems. Most of the issues we deal with are complex because of their context – very few information systems are used in isolation; rather they have to work with many other systems that have been accumulated over a long period of time without the luxury of being able to design the overall set of systems to work seamlessly together.

Five key points about what we do:

  • Listen to the customer. We find out what is really needed to support the business. Then we set about designing and building processes and systems.
  • Solve the right problem. The best possible solution for the wrong problem won’t necessarily help you.
  • Implement a business solution. A business solution is much more than a technical solution. We know of many cases where the problem has been solved, but somehow never translated into a useful business tool.
  • Make it usable.¬†Usability is very important. A system that delivers perfect solutions in a timely manner does not help the business if the users don’t use it. Ideally, users don’t even notice the cleverness – it should just work.
  • Support and maintain the solution. When systems fail, we are here to help fix them. When businesses change, we are still here to help update the systems we implement.

Usually we work with diverse teams spanning different parts of each company, because new and innovative business systems often require bringing together data and knowledge that have previously been kept separate.

Registered in England Number 4782747
VAT Registration Number 811 9036 51
Registered Address: The Centre, Reading Road, Eversley Centre, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 0NB